To Leave Earth or Not To Leave Earth…That is the Question.


The Universe is a challenging place, with plenty of false gateways and even greater opportunities. We are a civilization undergoing a major transition, moving towards an eventual breakthrough which some people might wrongly interpret as civilization insomnia, or lack of purpose or even a major necrosis in the creation of a supreme plan for our further development. However, this view is not justified in the eyes of a careful observer. In other words, the reality of our civilization reveals that the big picture might surprisingly contradict this widely proclaimed idea of our missing the right intention.

First of all we have to look into the past and see how successful we have been in moving our civilization along, beginning from the invention of the wheel, right along to the place we are right now. The pessimists might disagree with many of our achievements using basic environmental arguments, but would not be able to reject the fact, that these achievements, which are partially dysfunctional in an environmental sense, have moved us into the frontier of a huge step towards someone might call the „perfect world”, the world that most of us dream of. At least now this vision seems to be somewhat noticeable, which sound incredible in and of itself . Perhaps everyone would agree, just in regard to his/her own personal experience, that we sometimes need to take a one step back just to take a few steps forward. This seems to be particularly the case when looking at our civilization right now.

The concepts of futuristic technologies such as controlled fusion and most importantly the interstellar WARP drive, crucial for the survival of humanity, seem to be no longer a platform for speculative and virtual artistic creativity, but are instead moving us into the reality of mainstream science. The reason why we now have a chance to delve into the scientific reality of advanced physics is also because periodically we become stuck within these „false gateways” of our knowledge. We are in the process of learning, and what I can tell you now is that, this process will lead us to the realization that the reality far exceeds the realms of fairy tales, showing us that „Alice in Wonderland” is actually a microcosm of our true reality.

Of course this is not a reason to get stuck in euphoria, but it is, first of all a most challenging situation within the world of the petrodollar economy, sociological dogmas and paradigms. We are facing plenty of challenging perspectives that we have to deal with when thinking of this „perfect world” we want to see before our eyes. First of all, the modern markets are pushing us towards an unsustainable economy even in the petrodollar system. This paradox means that despite the system of floating cash, we have a rising worldwide population which needs to deal with the world of modern technology. This technology is becoming more and more efficient, until one day it will become almost completely self-sufficient. So the demand for a new employees is declining, even though the market is growing. In the long term this leads not only to a greater social stratification, but also to dramatic events, which the civilized world knows from its history.

Next, there are equally important issues which concern the environment. We have to develop and implement new technologies as we cannot continue to pollute the environment. Implementing this to our petrodollar system might be easier then most people think, as only recently an American student invented a nano-battery, a supercapacitor able to be recharge within minutes. When we combine these fast and efficient supercapacitors with a cheap energy supply from advanced power stations based on fusion reactors, or even most advanced nuclear reactors of today, we can organize a paid exchange of these supercapacitors at redesigned and refurbished petrol stations dedicated to electric cars. In this way the petrol stations will be able to keep its employees, who will be responsible for these operations.

In this system people in Beijing, Paris and other increasingly polluted cities will no longer need to protect themselves with masks, as most traffic pollution would simply vanish.

This pattern of transformation should be implemented in every market sector we can think of, as this is the way to maintain the flow of money required to maintain an economy that we are sadly but surely addicted to, as any radical changes might bring a catastrophic effects to the whole civilization.

Finally we are heading towards a most profound breakthrough which will not be a separate technological phenomena, and it will cause the disappearance of nearly every dogma, fear based paradigms and religious superstitions. We are talking about conquering the mechanics of space, the universe itself. We are talking about the technology that is based on the essential principles standing behind the nature of the expansion of the universe. The technology that will bring this knowledge into the realm of our existence is the interstellar WARP drive.

WARP is not only a technology as it works on the basis of fundamental principles of the universe, where all the invisible mechanics are embedded into the fractal structure growing through the mechanisms of expansion and contraction with an equilibrium in its center.

To make it more simple for all the people who had a rough day at work, it means that the mechanics of expanding space are also operating within each and every one of us, and we are a part of this self-recuperating system of infinite fractal expansion. People who happen to be the occupants of the craft driven by WARP equilibrium device, are floating within a timeless ocean of infinity, realm that reaches beyond dualism of our world as we know it, state of pure consciousness, philosophically speaking, the state of Samadhi.

This phenomenon is so profound, and it incorporates such an overwhelming amount of information that it would literally blow the minds of every person, including supposedly highly educated philosophers, religious figures, presidents, every authorities including each and every one of us. This understanding is the key to knowing why you should never fear, why you should get away from all of your superstitions and dogmas, why the only reasonable motivation that should drive you is predominantly a concern for social awareness and responsibility. This is the primary and most profound trigger for sociological change of humanity, because at the end of the day you have to realize that you are a part of this eternal expanding consciousness encapsulated in a physical body. After experiencing WARP you will know it is 100% real.

From this perspective every human who will go to one of the selected habitable planets, will be exposed to the interstellar WARP experience and mentally there is no turning back from it. The technology will develop our spiritual abilities and will become a major facilitator for positive colonization, providing the full spectrum of pure spiritual knowledge of the universe. Newly colonized planets must be restricted to a 100% environmentally pure economy, providing only these solutions, that once were positively verified on the Earthly playground. This will create new environmentally friendly jobs. And what is most important, we have to start now!



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