NASA aims to revolutionize space exploration

The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) has revealed plans to explore unknown physics as part of its efforts to 'revolutionize space exploration' by making travelling into the distant universe a reality.

It has been revealed by NASA that it is looking forward to develop warp travel and wormholes in an attempt to make travelling into the distant universe a reality.

The agency said that by collecting more information regarding gravity, space-time and the quantum vacuum, sending robots on interstellar missions could become a reality. The advanced forms of propulsion are among those technologies on which the agency wants to work for the next 20 years under their Technology Roadmaps.

Human exploration, robots, landing systems and nanotechnology are among those 15 areas that will be studied. However, the emerging propulsion technologies are considered to be the most important as NASA said that it will make efforts to develop advanced engines.

An Alcubierre drive, which is named after a Mexican theoretical physicist, will be used and it could become possible to 'bend' space-time, and go to large distances almost immediately. This could help a spaceship to travel almost anywhere in a very little time.

According to NASA's Dr Harold White, he and his team are moving towards the field of warp speed within reach. It seems that in two weeks, their concept engine will be able to reach Alpha Centauri. Clocks on Earth have measured this time.

According to Dr David Miller, chief technologist at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, "The technology candidates identified in the roadmaps provide capabilities that can be leveraged, reused and built upon. NASA's continued investment in technology development will provide critical capabilities that create new jobs and businesses".

He added that this would help in operations that are more complex and will help explore more distant destinations in the solar system.



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