Evolution of Food in Space: From Bland Puree to Almost Like on Earth

Sometimes it takes special circumstances to learn how to appreciate the things in life we usually
take for granted, such as being close to the ones we love, enjoying a good meal and the
coziness of our bed. Nobody knows this better than astronauts. In space, life conditions are
special, to say the least. Imagine not having access to fresh air for such long time, sleeping in
upright position and bathing while water drops float around you - and those are just parts of it.

When living in a spacecraft, the most important thing is to remain physically and psychologically
healthy and for the astronauts must pay special attention to their nutrition and dietary habits.
Luckily, they have a whole team of experts working in their best interests and providing them
with healthy and nutritious food choices. Not only that the technology around space food has
advanced over years but it also led to some groundbreaking developments in medicine and food
preservation on Earth.

What started as pureed food in tubes has advanced sufficiently in terms of quality and variety,
so astronauts aboard ISS can almost feel like home, at least around lunch time.

Take a look at the infographic that guides you through space food, from the early history
to Mars exploration and outer space food growing projects.

Source: http://labeley.com/article/space-food-infographic/


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