Why is NASA is not a waste of Money

 Why is NASA is not a waste of Money!

  • Estimated that every $1 gov spent on NASA, the economy boosted by $7-$14
  • What do we do in space you ask that helps everyone? GPS, forecasting the weather, understanding climate change (just look at the Sentinel-6 mission)!!!
  • NASA enabled cell phone cameras through the development of space cameras
  • NASA developed the first adjustable smoke detector 
  • NASA’s HSEG software has helped detect breast cancer
  • Implantable cardiac defibrillators developed by NASA help save the lives of many patients 
  • NASA developed a search and rescue tracking system that has saved tens of thousands 
  • NASA developed a translucent material that went on to inspire the idea of invisible braces

Source: https://machinedesign.com/community/editorial-comment/article/21832319/is-nasa-a-waste-of-money


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