What SpaceX’s New Spaceport Will Look Like

Less than a week after NASA announced that SpaceX will become one of two private companies to fly astronauts to the International Space Station, the company broke ground on a brand new spaceport of its own on Monday.

The spaceport, known at least for now as the SpaceX Commercial Launch Facility, will be located in Brownsville, Texas near Boca Chica Beach, about three miles from the Mexican border. The site will host launch complex and control center capable of handling a dozen commercial satellite launches per year.

Texas is already home to SpaceX’s rocket test and development center, located in McGregor. SpaceX flights to the space station will continue to launch from Florida, and that goes for the manned missions to the International Space Station expected to begin in 2017.

To clear the way for the new spaceport's construction, Texas passed legislation securing continued public access to Boca Chica Beach. But don’t expect to get an up-close seaside view of Falcon 9 rockets blasting off—the beach will be closed on launch days.

SpaceX expects to complete the spaceport by 2016.

Source: http://www.popularmechanics.com/how-to/blog/what-spacexs-new-spaceport-will-look-like-17238112?click=pm_latest


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